The Voiceover workshop provides training in the art of voiceovers – putting your voice to advertising.

Discover what it takes to become great voiceover talent.

Find out what your specialty is and have a professional recorded demo showcasing your unique voice.


The tutor for the Voiceover workshop is Eddie Bye; a multiple award-winning audio engineer, with over 17 years’ experience in metropolitan radio.

Eddie has been a professional voice artist for over 10 years and has worked extensively with all the major studios in Adelaide, and a number of interstate studios. You can hear Eddie’s voice on national campaigns for Vodafone, Subway, KFC and Zen Energy.

Eddie’s skills as a voice artist and experience as an engineer give him a unique insight into the art of voiceovers and how to get the best out of voice artists of all experience levels.

Program overview

  • Voiceover fundamentals

    Breathing techniques and exercises, microphone technique, the magic of audio editing.

  • Different styles of voiceovers

    Hard sell, Narrations.

  • Coaching

    One-on-one coaching.

  • Industry connections

    Picking an agent and how to approach studios.

  • Voiceover recording session

    What to expect, taking direction and interpreting scripts.

  • Demo

    A fully produced demo with three commercials.

Fee structure

$630 plus GST ($693) paid in full upfront before commencement of course.

Fees are to be electronically transferred into the Australian Radio School account. This will be discussed with you personally when you register.

Any payments are non-refundable; however, we are happy to transfer your funds to another course within 12 months of the initial payment if urgent personal circumstances arise.

A payment structure to suit your budget can also be arranged if you can’t pay the full amount upfront. Please don’t hesitate to enquire.


Classes are conducted in Adelaide.

Dates & times

Voiceover workshops are held over the 2 days of a weekend four times per year.

Saturday 9am to 5pm.

Sunday is a half day recording session.

The Australian Radio School was the perfect starting point for me to get hands on radio experience, as well as extremely useful insight. It also introduced me to people already in the industry. I’ll never forget my time at the school, mainly because Sean Craig Murphy asks me to write a new quote for this website every year!

Sam Mac


Do you need experience to take one of these courses?
There is no experience whatsoever needed for the Introduction to radio course or Voiceover workshops. However for the Master class you need to have either completed the Introduction to radio course or have community radio experience.
I don’t know where to start, how would you recommend beginning my courses?
If you register, Sean Craig Murphy will give you a “no obligation” phone call to answer any questions you have and point you in the right direction.
Is Australian Radio School (or ARS) right for me?
Australian Radio School has been established in Adelaide for over 10 years. In that time, over 400 people have graduated to jobs in radio and TV all over Australia. In April 2010, Sean Craig Murphy from Triple M took over the radio school from Adelaide radio legend David Day.

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