Australian Radio School has been established in Adelaide for over 20 years. In that time, more than 600 people have graduated to jobs in radio and TV all over Australia.

In April 2010, Sean Craig Murphy from Triple M took over the radio school from Adelaide radio legend David Day.


Our courses

Is Australian Radio School right for me?


Australian Radio School is the right fit for you if you want a career in radio… and we’re not just talking about announcing here.

We’ll teach you everything from classic communication techniques, producing great shows, copywriting, voiceovers, commercial production, promotions, all the way through to using new media like podcasting and digital radio to score your first gig.

You’ll meet experts from all areas of radio and we’ll give you the inside scoop on discovering your X-factor and getting noticed by the people who count.


Who is Sean Craig Murphy?


Most of the people who work in radio are Gen Y and Gen X. So is Sean… well he’s at least a Gen X and not a bitter old radio has-been who wears cardigans, smokes pipes and believes that you have to have a deep voice to work on the “wireless”.

Sean works in radio, so he knows what radio bosses are looking for now. He’s relevant. He knows radio these days isn’t just about being as good as everyone else. It’s being different.


The decision to sign up for this course was one of the best that I have made for myself. For those 4 months, not only was I challenged with captivating course content every week, but the skills that I learned and had reinforced to me were interchangeable into so many other career and life situations.

Jo Hocking

I always thought I would work behind the scenes in radio, but Sean saw my potential, nurtured my personality and built my confidence and now I can’t imagine not being behind a microphone.

Craig Pitman

Australian Radio School is where Ben and I originally met, it’s where our journey began. Sean does such a great a job at introducing you to the radio industry as a whole. You learn about every aspect of the game. Sean’s a mentor who’s genuinely passionate about the industry and wants to see you succeed. If you’re thinking about giving radio a bash this course is a must.

Ben & Liam



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