Most Podcast courses will try and tell you everything about Podcasting except how to make your Podcast idea stand out. The Australian Radio School Podcast workshop is focussed on helping you find your podcasts Point of Difference. From the idea to the content, to the way you promote it.


Most Podcast courses will try and tell you everything about Podcasting except how to make your Podcast idea stand out.

We’re different.

Because DIFFERENT is what you’ll have to be to make your podcast successful.

The Australian Radio School Podcast workshop is focussed on helping you find your podcasts Point of Difference. From the idea to the content, to the way you promote it.

By finding out what your point of difference is, we can turn a good idea into a great podcast.

And if you’re not sure you’ve got a good idea yet, don’t worry we’ll workshop a concept with you in a matter of minutes that’ll make it hard for you to concentrate on anything else.

Sorry. Not sorry.

The Weekend Podcast workshop is held in the studios of SAFM Adelaide and hosted by Craig Bruce and Sean Craig Murphy.

Craig’s currently producing some of the most successful podcasts in Australia and is responsible for the Gamechangers Radio Podcast which at its peak was in the Top 5% downloaded podcasts in the world. Craig’s also discovered and coached some of Australia’s biggest audio stars from Hamish and Andy, James Brayshaw, Inspired Unemployed and Kyle and Jackie O to name a few.

So whether you want to make a podcast for fun, fame or cred, this workshop will set you on the right path to stand out, because knowing how to make a podcast is pointless unless you have a point of difference.


Hosted by Craig Bruce

By the end of the day, you’re going to have everything you need to start your podcast project.

You’ll discover why YOU’RE creating a podcast.

What’s going to keep it fun.

Craig’s going to take you through the P4 Model which will be a gamechanger for you.
You’ll very quickly and easily work out the PEOPLE you’re targeting. The PRODUCT you’re designing, the POSITION you’re taking in the marketplace and the way you’re going to PROMOTE it.

You’ll learn simple ways of consistently creating content that’s fun to do and is going to be gobbled up by your fans.

Craig will help you set you up your own Show Bible as well as a personalised podcast product design checklist.

And there’ll be practical sessions in storytelling, interviewing and creativity.

Most importantly you’ll walk out of Saturdays session with the confidence that your podcast has a true point of difference and a real chance of being successful.


Hosted by Sean Craig Murphy and Ciaran Moffatt

Sunday starts off with a 1-hour case study into the 12-month journey of the rapidly growing Everyday Conspiracy Theories podcast. (We made the mistakes, so you don’t have to!)

We’ll also be spending lots of time in the SAFM studios recording your podcast trailer and creating different group combinations to give you a real understanding of what it takes to successfully work in teams of all different sizes: Chemistry, share of voice, leading conversations, role playing and balancing between preparation and spontaneity.
It’ll fast track your learning and it’s great fun, which is kinda important!

Ciaran will take you through the techy stuff. Setting up a podcast studio with Rodecaster and Riverside FM. (Recording, editing, processing, and distributing through Omny)
And we’ll talk about promoting your podcast, PR opportunities and social media for your show.

Plus, there’ll be plenty of time for questions at the end of the day.

Dates & times

Our weekend Podcast Workshop will be held on Saturday 31 August and Sunday 1 September between 10am & 5pm at SAFM Adelaide.

Fee structure

$900 plus GST ($990) if paid in full upfront before commencement of course or $1100 plus GST ($1210) if you choose to go on a payment plan.

Fees are to be electronically transferred into the Australian Radio School account. This will be discussed with you personally when you register.

Any payments are non-refundable; however, we are happy to transfer your funds to another course within 12 months of the initial payment if urgent personal circumstances arise.

A payment structure to suit your budget can also be arranged if you can’t pay the full amount upfront. Please don’t hesitate to inquire.


Classes are conducted in the boardrooms and at the studios of SAFM.

Craig’s gift is his ability to push the people he works with to be the best they can be.

If you get a chance to connect with him, take it. The work you do will be better for it.

Sam Cavanagh – Executive Producer, The Hamish & Andy Show

Craig Bruce took a chance on me and thank goodness he did! Craig has the ability to spot raw talent, nurture it (in a non creepy way) and extract the very best from performers. His knowledge base on what it takes to succeed in the audio world is unparalleled.

Em Rusciano

Craig Bruce has an incredible gift of uncovering talent and turning them into juggernauts. With experience, vision and tough love, Craig is without question the audio industry’s most trusted mentor.

Jules Lund


What is Australian Radio School?
Australian Radio School has been established in Adelaide for over 10 years. In that time, over 400 people have graduated to jobs in radio and TV all over Australia. In April 2010, Sean Craig Murphy from Triple M took over the radio school from Adelaide radio legend David Day.
How do I sign up for a course?
Simply fill out the contact form and Sean Craig Murphy will give you a personal call advising you of the next steps.
Do you need experience to take one of these courses?
There is no experience whatsoever needed for the Introduction to radio course or Voiceover workshops. However for the Master class you need to have either completed the Introduction to radio course or have community radio experience.

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